1963  Dolphin Hotel, Swansea
1964  ‘Paintings and Reliefs’, Outlook Tower Gallery, Edinburgh
1968  Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh





Talbot Rice Art Centre, Edinburgh
1973  McRobert Centre, University of Stirling
1974   Welsh Arts Council Gallery, Cardiff
1975 Education Gallery, City Art Gallery, Leeds
1980-1981 October-January: Holsworthy Gallery, London

January: Palacio Municipal de Exposiciones, Corunna;

1986 February: Palacio Municipal de Exposiciones, El Ferrol
1986 February: ‘Ivor Davies: Drawings and Prints’, Llanover Hall Arts Centre, Cwmbran
1987 September: ‘Ivor Davies, Paintings’: Newport Museum & Art Gallery
1987   Mynyddoedd Dirgel / Mysterious Mountains: Paintings and Drawings by Ivor Davies, 1980-87’, September-October: Newport Museum & Art Gallery; October: Oriel 31, Powys; October-November: Davies Memorial Gallery, Newtown; December: Chalk Farm Gallery, London
1987  Loughborough College of Art
1989 March: Janus Avivson Gallery, Camden, London

June-July: ‘Ivor Davies’, Jane Roberts - Max Rutherston Gallery, London

1989  September: ‘Ivor Davies’, Windsor Arts Centre, Windsor
1989 October: ‘Ivor Davies: Paintings’, Al Sharaf Design, London
1990  February: Jedda, Saudi Arabia: invitation to paint and exhibit.
1990 Gallery 28, Swansea
1990  December: commissions for major Hong Kong hotel
1991-1993 ‘Ivor Davies: Recent Works’, touring: September 1991: West Wharf Gallery, Cardiff; October-December 1991: Wrexham Arts Centre; January-April 1993: Nottingham University Art Gallery; March-April 1993: Glynn Vivian Gallery, Swansea; May 1993: Gateway Galleries, Shrewsbury; August: Victoria Art Gallery, Bath
1992   October: Mandarin Fine Arts, Hong Kong
1993 August-September: ‘Ivor Davies: More Recent Work’, Bruton Gallery, Bath
1994 May-June: Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff   
1995 March-April: ‘Delwedd Cymru / Native Subjects: Ivor Davies’s Welsh Paintings over Forty Years’, Brecknock Museum and Art Gallery, Brecon
1998  ‘Chwedloniaeth y Llfr Gwyn / Legends from the White Book’; touring Exhibition, by Wolseley Fine Arts; March-April: Royal Cambrian Academy, Conwy; May-June: MOMA Wales, Machynlleth; July: Rhyl Museum and Arts Centre; Setember-October: National Museum and Art Gallery of Wales, Turner House, Penarth; November: Wolseley Fine Art, London 
2000 September-October: Bruton Gallery, Leeds
2000 October-November: Ogilvy & Estill, Conwy
2001 April-May: Bishop Phillpotts Gallery, Truro
2003  January-May: Denbighshire Touring Exhibition
2004 January ‘Drawing Roy: 50 years Depicting the Same Person, Evolving from Youth to Threescore Years and Ten’, Brecknock Museum & Art Gallery, Brecon

‘Ivor Davies’, semi-retrospective exhibition; in collaboration with Arts International & the British Council; Moravian Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic 

2007   January: ‘Drawing Roy’, Llantarnam Grange, Cwmbran
2007  ‘Tywysogion’: paintings commissioned by S4C; January – March: a series of 8 television programmes with my paintings made by Filmiau’r Bont for S4C.
2007 January:  ‘Tywysogion’, Royal Cambrian Academy, Conwy; February: ‘Tywysogion’, Neuadd y Dre, Boncath, Dyfed; March: ‘Tywysogion’, Kooywood Gallery, Cardiff
2010  February: ‘Ymadawiad / Departure’, Oriel Mwldan, Cardigan
2014  March-April: ‘Ivor Davies’, semi-retrospective; Oriel Theatr Clwyd, Mold.
2015-2016 November-March: ‘Silent Explosion’, National Museum of Wales, Cardiff.


1953 and 1959 Various group exhibitions, National Museum of Wales, Cardiff
1955  ‘Contemporary Welsh Painting and Sculpture’, National Museum of Wales, Cardiff 
1953   ‘Young Contemporaries’, RBA Galleries, London
1959   Gallery One, London
1959 Kettles Yard Art Gallery, Cambridge
1959 ‘Young Contemporaries’, RBA Galleries, London
1960 Galerie Theater, Bern
1960 Galerie Kasper, Lausanne
1960  Galerie Bridel, Lausanne 
1963  Dillwyn Gallery, Swansea
1966 Signals, London 
1968 ‘Wales Now’ Welsh Arts Council Travelling Exhibition 




‘Original Print’: The Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop;  Travelling Exhibitions
1973   ‘Wales and the Modern Movement’, University College, Aberystwyth
1973  ‘The Artist-Craftsman in Architecture’,  Edinburgh Arts Centre 





National Eisteddfod Exhibition
1975 ‘Daear, Dŵr ac Awyr / Earth, Water, Air’, Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre; Library Hall Gallery, Haverfordwest; Bangor Art Gallery
1976 ‘Gweiddiau / Origins’, Eisteddfod Exhibition, Cardigan; Chapter Gallery, Cardiff; Bangor Art Gallery
1980-81 Christmas Exhibition, Welsh Arts Council Gallery, Cardiff
1980 ‘Drawing 80’: exhibition of drawings organised by the Welsh Group, National Museum of Wales, Cardiff
1980-81 ‘Art and the Sea’, touring exhibition: Third Eye Centre, Glasgow; Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno; ICA, London
1981 ‘Cardiff Artists’, Stuttgart
1981-82  ‘Artists in Cardiff’, Gallery of Faculty of Art & Design, Cardiff
1981-82 ‘The Final Proof’, a touring exhibition of prints, organised by the Welsh Arts Council
1982 ‘Artists in Focus’, exhibition of photographs by artists, Morley Gallery, Morley College, London

‘Welsh Group’ touring exhibitions, National Museum of Wales



Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (large work)

‘Celtic Vision’; international touring exhibition:Madrid, Corunna, Cork, Dublin, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Nantes

1986 ‘New Vision’, Warwick Arts Trust
1987 Beca Group Exhibition, on tour with SEWA
1987 ‘Welsh Group’ Exhibition, Newport Museum and Art Gallery
1987 ‘Printmakers in Wales’, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, Second Space
1988 Janus Avivson Gallery, London
1988 ‘Clean Irish Sea’, Dublin
1988 ‘Celtic Vision II’, Dublin
1988 ‘Welsh Group’ Exhibition, St Joseph’s School, Newport
1988  July-August: ‘Ystâd Cymru / The State of Wales’, a Beca, Gweled and Welsh Sculpture Trust group exhibition, Llantarnam Grange, Cwmbran
1989 Oriel 31, Welshpool
1989 Glyndebourne Opera Gallery
1989 ‘Pictures for Schools’, National Museum of Wales
1989 Gallery 28, Swansea
1989 Albany Gallery, Cardiff
1989 Oriel Plas Glyn y Weddw, Gwynedd
1989  ‘From Prism to Paintbrush: Colour Theory and Practice in Modern British Painting’, touring: October-November: Theatr Clwyd, Mold; Middlesex Polytechnic Gallery
1990 ‘Welsh Group’ Exhibition
1990 ‘The Probity of Virtue’, Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno
1991 May: ‘Transú-Trosi: Irish-Welsh Art Exchange’, Bank of Ireland Gallery, Dublin; June: ICE, Kilkenny; July: Crawford Gallery, Cork; August: Bruton Gallery, Bath; September: Thackeray Gallery, London
1991 November-December:  ‘Trasú / Trosi’: The Welsh Work’, Swansea Arts Workshop Gallery
1991 December: ‘Winter Exhibition’, Bruton Gallery, Bath


Royal Watercolour Society of Wales exhibitions
1991-1999 Albany Gallery, Cardiff, Summer and Christmas exhibitions
1992 April-May: New Academy Gallery, London
1992 July: Richmond Gallery, Cork Street, London
1992 August: National Eisteddfod: work commended
1992 November: ‘Art for Sale’, Whiteley’s, London
1992 November ‘The Discerning Eye’, Mall Galleries, London 
1992 November: ‘Open Weekend’, Richmond Gallery, Cork St., London
1993 May-June: Beca exhibition – ‘Fire and Flood’; Oriel Bangor; Oriel Theatr Clwyd, Mold
1993 July: Summer Exhibition, Bruton Gallery, Bath

July-August: ‘The Alternative Summer Show’, Bruton Street Gallery, London

1993 November-December: Autumn Exhibition, Royal West of England Academy
1993-2013 Royal Cambrian Academy Exhibitions
1993 January: ‘Flowers in a Room’, Oriel Myrddin, Carmarthen
1994 July-August: ‘The Art Show’, Alexandra Palace, London
1995 February-March: ‘Word Overall: The Year of Literature Exhibition’, Swansea Arts Workshop Gallery
1995 March-April: ‘Landscapes by Four Artists’, New Academy Gallery, London
1995 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
1995 June: ‘Intimate Portrait’, Glyn Vivian Gallery, Swansea; touring exhibition
1995 June:‘Ysbridoliaeth R.S. Thomas’, Oriel Plas Glyn-y-Weddw, Llanbedrog
1995 July: Summer Exhibition, Bruton Gallery, Bath
1995 September: ‘The Discerning Eye’, Mall Galleries, London
1995 Bruton Street Gallery, London
1996 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
1996 August: ‘Familiar Faces’, New Academy Gallery, London
1996 November: ‘The Discerning Eye’, Mall Galleries, London
1996-1997 December – February 1997: Eighth Mostyn Open Exhibition, Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno
1997 January-February: ‘Celtic Landscapes’, Wolseley Fine Arts, London
1997 August: ‘Myth and Modernity: Nine Welsh Artists’, Rotunda, Hong Kong; September-October; Oriel Ynis Môn, Llangefni, Anglesey
1999 June-July, ‘Aquarelle: International Watercolour Symposium Exhibition’, Down Civic Centre, Downpatrick
2000 July: Bruton Gallery Highlights, Gallery 27, London
2000 September-November: ‘Certain Welsh Artists’, Glynn Vivian Gallery, Swansea
2000-2001 October-March 2001: Welsh Artists Talking, National Museum and Art Gallery of Wales, Cardiff
2000 November-December: ‘The Discerning Eye’, Mall Galleries, London (by invitation)
2001 January: ‘Welsh landscapes’, New Academy Gallery, London
2001 March: ‘Wales, Unauthorised Version’, Arts Council exhibition, HDLU, House of Croatian Artists, Zagreb;
2001  July: ‘Plain Air’ invitation to paint and exhibit at Cēsis, Latvia
200-2004  ‘META: Imaging the Imagination; Metaphysics in the Art of Wales’, June-July 2001: Queens Gallery, Narberth: May-June 2002: Arka Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania; August-September 2002: Henry Thomas Gallery, Carmarthen; March-April 2003: National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth; January-February, 2004: Bay Art Gallery, Cardiff 

November-December: ‘The Discerning Eye’, The Mall Galleries, London


August: ‘Ystyr y Tir, The Meaning of the Land, Le Sens de la Terre, Ster an Douar’, Lorient, Brittany; St Clears, Dyfed

2002 September–January 2003: ‘Blast to Freeze: British Avant-garde of the Twentieth Century’, Kunstmuseum, Wolfsburg, Germany
2003 March-May: ‘Wales Drawing Biennale’, Aberystwyth University Arts Centre
2003  ‘Welsh Group’, touring exhibition of North America
2003 February-March: ‘Blast to Freeze’, Les Abbatoirs, Toulouse
2004-2005 June-September: ‘This was Tomorrow: Art and the 1960s’, Tate Britain, London; touring: 2005 October – April 2005: Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery
2004-2005 July:‘Centenary Exhibition: Farming and the Welsh Landscape’,  RWAS, Builth Wells; August-October: National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth; February-March 2004: RCA, Conwy
2005-2006  ‘This was Tomorrow’: Sydney, Australia; Auckland, New Zealand  
2006 Invited to participate in 6-part S4C TV series ‘12 Contemporary Welsh Artists’, which commissioned artists to respond to landscapes painted by famous past artists, presented by Osi Rhys Osmond. One programme shows my creation of a painting ‘Rhyl Harbour’, from a position used by Lowry.
2006  ‘Byd o Liw’ touring exhibition: Cardiff Bay; Swansea Marina;  Pwllheli Marina; Llandudno, Pier y Gogledd
2006 October-November: ‘The Painted Pot’, Newport Museum & Art Gallery
2007 November-December: ‘Three Painters: Glyn Jones, Ivor Davies, Robert Pepperell’, Howard Gardens Gallery, UWIC, Cardiff.
2009 October, ‘State of the Estate’, Penpont House, Brecon
2010 Oriel y Bont, Trefforest, University of South Wales; exhibition jointly organised by the Royal Cambrian Academy and University of Glamorgan (USW)
2011 July: Modern and Contemporary Welsh Art Galleries Opening Exhibition, National Museum, Cardiff

 ‘Welsh Princes and Chinese Legends’, Treberfydd House Gallery, Llangasty, Brecon


 ‘Art Under Attack’, Tate Britain, London (See www.tate.org.uk/...on/...art-under-attack)

2013  September-December: ‘Exploding Utopia’, Laure Genillard Gallery, London
2014 Watercolour Society of Wales, Paris
2014 January-March: ‘Correspondences: Contemporary Painting in Response to the Life and Writings of R.S. Thomas’, Oriel Glyn y Weddw, Gwynedd
2014 IESA Exchange Exhibition, various US venues and Art Central Gallery, Barry
2014 Welsh Group / German Exchange, Cardiff and Düsseldorf