1946-52 PenarthCountySchool (now StanwellSchool)

CardiffCollege of Art: Intermediate Diploma in Art and Craft; Painting and Sculpture

National Diploma of Design: Painting


SwanseaCollege of Art: Art Teacher’s Diploma


University of Lausanne, auditeur: History of Art (Prof. Jean Leymarie, Aesthetics (Prof. René Berger)

 1975  University of Edinburgh: PhD. ‘Certain Aspects of Art and Theory in Russia from 1905 to 1924 in their Relationship to Avant-garde Art and Ideas in the West’                 

Little Ealing School, London W5, Teacher of Art and Crafts


University of Lausanne & Gymnases, Assistant teacher of English, with Prof. René Rapin


University of Wales Extra-Mural Department, Part-time lecturer in History of Art. Continued research and painting


University of Edinburgh Department of Fine Art, Lecturer in the History of Art; in charge of the History of Art of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries


Gwent College of Higher Education, now University of South Wales: Faculty of Art and Design, Principal Lecturer in History of Art, Head of School of Cultural Studies

 LANGUAGES varying from fluency to working knowledge:

                                                Welsh, English, French, Spanish, Italian

                                                German, Russian, Latin

General knowledge of and interest in other languages, incl. early Celtic languages, Arabic, Armenian and Chinese


As first Director of the Talbot Rice Art Centre, Edinburgh University, I organised numerous exhibitions from its opening in 1970 until 1978:

‘Opening Exhibition: The University’s Modern Collection of Paintings and Prints’, Oct. –Nov. 1970
Nov. 1970 ‘London Graphic Association – Prints’
December1970-January 1971 ‘S.J. Peploe and W.G. Gillies: Paintings from the Collection of R.A. Lillie’
February 1971 ‘Vienna Secession’ 
March 1971 ‘Exhibition of Students’ Work’
March-April 1971 ‘Chinese Scrolls: The Stewart Lockhart Collection’
 April-May, 1971  ‘Jorge Castillo’ 
August -September, 1971 ‘Kelpra Prints’ 
October, 1971 ‘Waddington / Marlborough Galleries – Prints’ 
October-November, 1971 ‘James Giles RSA (1801-1870) – Drawings and Watercolours of Italy and France’
December, 1971 ‘The University’s Modern Collection’ 
January – February, 1972 ‘Graphic Work by George Ehrlich (1897-1966)’
February – March, 1972  ‘Modern Finnish Prints’
March 1972 ‘Architectural Drawings of William Playfair’
April 1972 ‘Works by John Berger (Department of Fine Art)’
April – May, 1972 ‘Ivor Davies’
June 1972 ‘Watercolours and Drawings by George Grosz (1893-1959)' Presented by the Goethe Institute, of London and Glasgow
July, 1972 ‘Works from the University’s Modern Collection’ 
August-October, 1972 ‘The University’s Pictures, Old and New’ 
November -December, 1972 ‘Kinetic Art’ 
December - January, 1972-73 ‘Graphic Illustration by Students of Edinburgh College of Art’ 
Jan. – Feb, 1973 ‘Paintings by Margot Maeckelberghe’
Feb. – March, 1973 ‘Paintings by Robert Cargill’ 
March-April, 1973 ‘Students’ Work’
April-May, 1973 ‘Paul van Hoyendonck: Space Art’
May-June, 1973 ‘Edith Simon Adventure Show’
June-July, 1973 ‘Science Fiction’, from St Andrews University
August, 1973 ‘Scottish Etchings’ 
August-Sept., 1973 ‘Roman Baroque Drawings’
Sept.-Oct., 1973 ‘Talbert McLean’ 
Oct.-Nov., 1973 ‘Venice Photographs’ 
October, 1973 ‘Drawings by Frank Brangwyn’ 
Nov. – Dec., 1973 ‘Ivor Davies: Recent Work’
 Jan .- Feb., 1973 ‘Murray McCheyne: Recent Sculpture’
Feb.-March, 1974 ‘Norman Gilbert’
March-April, 1974 ‘Edoardo Paolozzi: The Conditional Probability Machine’ 
May, 1974 ‘William Blake and David Scott’
May-June, 1974 ‘Students’ Exhibition’
June-July, 1974 ‘Roy Powell and Andrew Smith’ 
Aug-Sept, 1974, for the Edinburgh Festival ‘Aspects of Abstract Painting in Britain 1910-1960’, from the Anneli Juda Gallery, London
Sept-Oct, 1974 ‘Alan Peters: Music in Pictures’
Oct-Nov, 1974 ‘University Picture – Modern Collection’
Nov-Dec, 1974 ‘Frances Thwaites and Eric Malthouse’ 
Dec, 1974 ‘Victorian Engravings’ 
Jan -Feb, 1975 ‘North American Decorative Art & Photographs’ 
Feb -March, 1975 ‘Pop Graphics’, from V & A 
March-April, 1975 ‘Kenneth Allsop Memorial Trust: Contemporary Paintings and Prints’ 
April-May, 1975 ‘Tapestries from the Dovecote Studio’ 
May-June, 1975 ‘Brussels 1900’, from the Belgian Embassy 
June-July, 1975 ‘Different Realities’
Aug-Sept,1971 ‘Aleksander Zyw: “An Instant of Water”'
Sept-Oct, 1971 ‘Constance Costigan and Michael Krausz’ 
Oct -Nov, 1975 ‘Open Studio: Canadian Graphic Artists’
Nov-Dec, 1975 ‘John McLean – Paintings’
Dec 1975 – Jan 1976 ‘Three Kinetic Artists’ 
Jan-Feb, 1976 ‘Gavin Robson – Paintings’ 
Feb -March, 1976 ‘Staff and Students Exhibition’ 
March-April, 1976 ‘W. Roberts and G.S. Gimson’ 
April-May, 1976 ‘Talbert McLean – Paintings’
May-June, 1976 ‘E. McKnight Kauffer: Poster Art 1915-1940’
Dec 1975-Jan 1976  ‘Rita Thomas’ 
 Jan 1976-March 1976 ‘Sculpture from the Royal College of Art’, on loan from Ronald Spenser 
1966  ‘destruction creation movement …’, Ravensbourne College of Art & Design, co-organiser with Peter Holliday
1973  ‘Kinetic Art’, Glyn Vivian Gallery, Swansea
1988  ‘The State of Wales’, a Beca, Gweled and Welsh Sculpture Trust group exhibition, Llantarnam Grange, Cwmbran
1997 ‘Nine Welsh Artists’, Rotunda, Hong Kong, August, co-curator
  Association of University Teachers;
(1975--  founder member) Association of Art Historians
(1974-87) Association of Artists and Designers in Wales 
(1874-76) The Federation of Artists in Scotland 
(1967-78) Founder member of the Committee of Printmakers’ Workshop, Edinburgh 
(1975-78) The North-American Studies Committee, Edinburgh University
(1981-85) International Association of Art 
(1982) NATFHE
(1985 -- ) International Association of Art Critics
(1984 -- ) GWELED
(1986 -- ) BECA

(elected 1993 --)



Royal Cambrian Academy 



 (elected 1994 …) Royal Watercolour Society of Wales
(1985-) Welsh Group 

Director: Talbot Rice Art Centre, Edinburgh University

First curator, organiser of numerous exhibitions, conferences and seminars

(2012) Committee for National Eisteddfod 
Assessor for numerous awards, including
 (from 2003 -- ) The Annual Ivor Davies Prize, National Eisteddfod
(2013) The Tony Goble Award, National Eisteddfod
2012, 2013 The Lumen International Digital Art Competition
  Service on committees, councils.
1975 National Eisteddford Purchase Prize
1976 Robert Colquhoun Memorial Prize
2002 The Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries Prize
2002 Gold Medal for Fine Art, National Eisteddford, St Davids
2004 Elected member of the Bardic Circle at the National Eisteddfod, Newport, Gwent
2007 MBE, Awarded in Honours List
2010 University of Glamorgan Purchase Prize 
 Ivor Davies, The Art of the VanguardsL’Eta delle Avanguardie,Turin: UTET, 2002, 352 pages 
Ivor Davies and Ceridwen Lloyd-Morgan, eds., Darganfod Celf Cymru; Discovering the Art of Wales (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 1998)
Ivor Davies, Chwedloniaeth y Llyfr Gwyn - Legends from the White Book, Introduction by Jan Morris, Foreward by David Alston, London: Wolseley Fine Arts, 1998
One of the editorial team of the Dictionary of Artists in Wales

Since 1945 Project, for UWP; author of the Historical Introduction for the Dictionary,

(Chairs Isabel Hitchman, Peter Jones); Gomer, 2015

‘Corresponding Styles in Costume and the Arts’, in Fashion 1900-1939, Scottish Arts Council Exhibition, London: Victoria and Albert Museum and Ideas Books, 1975, pp. 50-79
 ‘From Darwin’s Inheritance to the Evolution of Art’, in Common Denominators in Science and Art: Papers and Proceedings, Aberdeen: University of Aberdeen Press, Pergamon Press, 1982, pp. 72-79
‘An Artist’s Statement’, in Certain Welsh Artists: Cultural Aesthetics in Contemporary Welsh Art, introd. and ed. Iwan Bala, Bridgend: Seren Books, 1999
Ivor Davies, 'Displaced Memories', in Certain Welsh Artists, ed. Iwan Bala, 1999, pp. 89-98.
‘Datblygiad Henes Celf?’, in Darganfod Celf Cymru: Discovering the Art of Wales, ed. Ivor Davies and Ceridwen Lloyd-Morgan, Cardiff, UWP, 1998

Darllen Delweddau: Beirdd ac Artistiaid, ed. Iwan Bala, Llanwyst, Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, 2000

(Multi-media images by 27 contemporary Welsh artists interwoven with 26 contemporary Welsh poets’ writing, within a commentary by Iwan Bala)

‘Politics of the Picturesque Cambrian Landscape’, in Land Scape, City Shape, Carlisle: Cumbria College of Art and Design, 2001, pp. 1-20
Osi book
‘Introduction’, Postwar to Postmodern 
CATALOGUE INTRODUCTORY ESSAYS BY IVOR DAVIES (apart from catalogues for the Talbot Rice Gallery)
 Jorge Castillo: Catalogue to the Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings at Edinburgh Art Centre, May 1971, Edinburgh, 1971, pp. 3-6 
 Kinetic Art, Exhibition Catalogue, Glyn Vivian Gallery, with the support of the West Wales Association for Arts, Swansea, 1972 
 Introduction, Family, Some Chairs, A Number of Tables and Mary Queen of Scots: An Exhibition of the Work of Charles Burton, Oriel, Welsh Arts Council Gallery, Cardiff, 1983 
Luci Melegari, Ivor Davies, Martin Barlow,, Paradise Created, an Exhibition of Prints by Luci Melegari, Wrexham Library Arts Centre,  1993
Introduction,  Another Life – Bywyd Arall, an Exhibition of Paintings and drawings by Christine Kinsey, Carmarthen, 1994
Ivor Davies, Chwedloniaeth y Llyfr Gwyn – Legends from the White Book: Paintings by Ivor Davies, Introduction by Jan Morris, Foreword by David Alston, London: Wolseley Fine Arts, 1998.
Introduction to David Garner, ‘Future Tense’ Exhibition, Art Centre, Aberystwyth University, 2012  

‘Suprematism and Nihilism’, Klepht, Jan 1970, pp. 8-9

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‘Art and Design in Russia after the Revolution’, Adaptor, March 1971, pp. 40-44

‘Socialist Realism and Conservative Art’, New Edinburgh Review 12, May 1971, 20-24

Regular contributions to Link: Association of Artists and Designers in Wales, 1974-1998

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Editor of Link, January 1985 – January 1987

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‘Kinetic Art’, in Studio International, November, 1972, p. 188

‘Liberated Colour and Form; Russian Non-Objective Art, 1915-1922’, in Burlington Magazine, October, 1978

Numerous reviews of major Royal Academy exhibitions


Stephan Bann, ‘Ivor Davies – Recent Works’, Clwyd County Council, 1991

‘Ivor Davies’, in Tony Curtis, ed., Welsh Artists Talking, Bridgend: Seren, 2002, pp. 143-74 

Peter Lord, Diwylliant Gweledol Cymru: Delweddu’r Genedl, Cardiff: University of Wales Press:

The Visual Culture of Wales – Imaging the Nation CD-Rom, by Martin Crampin;

contains a long interview by Peter Lord with Ivor Davies, and also a Time Gallery piece from the talk Ivor Davies gave about his painting The Welsh and Celtic Pantheon, displayed in the Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies, University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

 ‘Ivor Davies’, in Iwan Bala, Essays on Contemporary Art in Wales, Bridgend: Seren, 2003), pp. 60-65

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Rhodri Davies, ‘”I aspire to a Desert-Island Art”: An interview with Ivor Davies’, Planet 212, Winter 2013-2014, pp. 95-106 Art In Wales website 


Documentaries, filmings,  interviews and radio and numerous TV comment and contributions – BBC, Radio Cymru, S4C.


Ivor Davies: Exhibition, on Primetime, 2 September, 1991

Exhibition: Fire and Flood, the Slate Group, Beca Group, 1993

Contributions to Radio Cymru, Y Sioe Gelf, etc.

Painting the Dragon II: Ivor Davies, 25 April, 2000

‘Artistaid yn Sgwrsio’, on Heno, 18th Jan., 2001

Peter Lord interview with Ivor Davies, recording in National Library of Wales Archive, also in Martin Crampin, Peter Lord, The Visual Culture of Wales, CD-Rom, Cardiff, 2002

‘Celf yr Eidal’, Prawn Da, 6th April, 2001

S4C ’12 Contemporary Welsh Artists’. Series, 2006

S4C ‘Byd o Liw’, Ifor Davies, 2006

BBC Wales: Art Profile, 2010

BBC2 ‘Framing Wales: Art in the Twentieth Century’, 2011

A series of videos of ID talking about his art; BECA; destruction in art, and some of his his sources and inspirations; the 1966 DIAS event and related subjects, made for the National Museum of Wales.

Peter Lord and Ivor Davies discuss destruction of art works, Pethe S4C, 7 October, 2013

BBCWales, Wales ArtsIvor Davies, 2014

1976 External Examiner for Visual Art Department, Aberystwyth University: MA theses and examinations
1981-84 External Examiner, Art and History of Art Faculty, Polytechnic of Wales
1982 External Examiner, History of Art and Design, Ravensbourne College of Art and Design

Convenor of INSET, In-service Training, Panel with special concern for critical studies in Gwent schools;                Organisation of In-service Training symposia; leading new courses

I have supervised numerous postgraduate dissertations and PhD work.  

Many lectures and papers, for, among other venues and institutions:

University of Edinburgh Extra-Mural Department; University of Lausanne; UCL, London; Nottingham University; Aberystwyth University; Bristol Polytechnic; Gloucestershire Polytechnic; University of Geneva; Lausanne Polytechnic; Leeds College of Art; Newcastle College of Art;  Derby College of Art; Ravensbourne College of Art and Design; Loughborough College of Art; Great Britain-USSR Association, London; National Museum of Wales; Scottish Arts Council; Association of Art Historians conference, 1970; Edinburgh University International Art History Conference, 1981.

Recent lectures and conference participations include:

‘Myth and Painting’, public lecture, School of English, Philosophy and Communication, Cardiff University, 2011

‘Years of Destruction: DIAS’, Annual Conference of the Association of Art Historians, Royal College of Art, London, April, 2014

‘The Mosaic of St David, Westminster Cathedral’, ‘The Saints in Wales’ Conference, organised by the Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies, University of Wales, at the Halliwell centre, Carmarthen, 2014


Many lectures and talks about my paintings at exhibitions, e.g. recently:

Series of lectures accompanying an exhibition of my paintings illustrating Welsh legend from the White Book of Rhydderch, Royal Cambrian Academy, 1998

Lecture in the Washington Gallery Culture Series, Autumn 2010, Washington Gallery, Penarth

Public talk at Exhibition Opening, the Mwldan Gallery, Cardigan, 2011

Talk about four of my paintings inspired by the poetry of R.S. Thomas, Glyn y Weddw Gallery, February, 2014, as part of an exhibition and symposium commemorating R.S. Thomas Thomas on the Centenary of his birth, through paintings inspired by his writings by 12 invited Welsh artists.

Public Lecture, Oriel Theatr Clwyd, Mold, April 2014, on about the semi-retrospective exhibition of 70 of my paintings, all concerned with Celtic mythological, Welsh historical and political, and Welsh landscape subjects, held as part of the 2014 Celtic Festival

1968 Edinburgh University Travel Grant for Research: to undertake art history research in the USSR, July-September 1968
1977    February – May German Academic Scholarship (DAAD) to fund travel and research into twentieth-century German art and meet museum directors and artists

The Talbot Rice Art Centre, Edinburgh University

1970-78           First Director of the Talbot Rice Gallery, created in 197O by Edinburgh University to house the University’s art collection; mount exhibitions of, especially, contemporary international and Scottish art; and organise conferences and inter-faculty seminars.